Thursday, May 28, 2015

Do Newer Cars Lack Turn Signals?

More and more people seem to assume I will know what they are about to do, especially when it comes to turning or changing lanes. What on earth do they think those signals are for?

I have to assume a lot of them are on the phone, handheld, and have only one hand free. However, I can put on a turn signal with the hand I use to steer, without losing control of my vehicle. Am I a freak of nature or what?

Turn signals are SAFETY FEATURES for f**k's sake! This is an unnerving trend. Along with texting while driving, and driving while eating and drinking, as well as drunk driving, there are a lot of ways people can drive poorly. The rest of us are just trying to make it to our destination intact.

The Husband says new cars are built without turn signals. I am beginning to think he may be right.

My sainted father told me, "drive as if every other driver was out to kill you, because they are." That advice has served me well. They may not be conscious of their murderous ways, but that does not negate the facts.

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