Saturday, June 20, 2015

Visualizing the Brotherhood of Humankind

On Facebook I posted the following:
What are we doing to heal racial hatred? In my opinion, we can't blame a flag, or the names of streets, or any one state, or any particular country in the world. Hate crimes have happened all over the world, with victims of every color, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual preference. I think we all have to learn to see everyone else as people like us. I will keep visualizing racial, ethnic, religious, and gender/preference harmony.

The underlying principle is that humanity is one being with many individual units. It would be so easy to assign blame, but it does not take us anywhere useful. I was blaming South Carolina yesterday, but then I dreamed of my Inner Teacher last night, and woke up with the realization that endemic human fear and hatred of difference is not unique to that state.

As people of goodwill promulgate the brotherhood of humankind, this kind of fear reaction is part of the change. Individuals cannot cope with the idea that the old fear of strangers is no longer applicable in the sense of killing the "outsider". This idea comes from ancient times, when village life was the norm. Now we live in a planetary reality. Everything and everyone is moving around, mixing, and intermingling. Insular cultures are resisting this trend, reacting with defensiveness, which includes killing those who are not like themselves.

The future of humankind is unknown. We fear those who look, act, or believe differently from ourselves. Maybe we can heal this, and I believe it begins on an individual level. Whom do I fear or hate? What religion do I dislike or fear? Do I despise the other gender, or even my own gender? What sexual preference do I look upon as antagonistic to my personal lifestyle? 

Finally, can I develop (in myself) a different belief system? Can I become a member of HUMANITY, and look beyond my own family, race, religion, culture, gender, sexual preference, nationality, and language?

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