Friday, July 29, 2016

Your Facebook Powers

Today  on Facebook, a friend re-posted someone else's request that everyone she knows on Facebook should keep their political opinions to themselves until after the US election in November. OK, it is fair to say we are all opinionated, and that we hold conflicting views, which we are expressing on Facebook. That is the right of each of us, under the US Constitution. There are FB rules against certain abuses, but this person was not referring to those posts.

The thing is, telling everyone else to shut up will not work, and is unnecessary as well. Each person on FB has the powers shown above. Click that little downward-pointing arrow and you will find six choices. If you HIDE POST, you will "See fewer posts like this". Hey, sounds like a good solution. Then you have the option to UNFOLLOW that person who posted this opinion that you find offensive. They will never know you did it, so there will be no hurt feelings, and you no longer have to read all their rants. You can still look at their FB page if you want to know what else is going on with them, so happiness all around, right?

In daily life, we are all giving our opinions all the time, and while it might be better to keep quiet (yes, I know I need to do that), you DON'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME OR COMMENT! You can ignore me!

Really truly, in Facebook as in all media, YOU CAN TURN IT OFF, believe it or not. You do NOT have to watch that TV show or YouTube video, listen to that podcast, read this blog post, learn all about your great aunt's gall bladder operation, or view on Instagram what your pal had for dinner. REALLY, you DON'T! Enjoy yourself and ignore the whole parade of clowns.

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