Saturday, August 6, 2016

Shaking Hands in the USA 101

Today I met someone at a party and offered my hand to shake theirs. They held my hand like their hand was a banana peel, limp and cold. I found that highly distasteful. I also dislike the crushing grips favored by some.

Here in the United States, a firm but gentle grip is the preferred style, for both men and women. If you offer your hand drooping down I feel like you believe you are lowering yourself by being forced to shake hands with me.

If you try to break the bones in my hand, I get the feeling you are trying, again, to prove some sort of superiority.

Why people use these awful handshake styles is beyond me. I would not shake hands if I knew in advance that the other person was going to give the limp banana peel or the vise grip.




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